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Vancouver, BC

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The first feature-length animation from award-winning studio Giant Ant, based on the internationally acclaimed comic book memoir Tangles: A Story About Alzheimer’s, My Mother and Me by Sarah Leavitt



When Alzheimer’s disease begins to strip away her mother’s vibrant personality, a headstrong young woman is forced to return to the conservative small town and oddball Jewish family she recently fled to care for her. Fired up by her newfound identity as a lesbian feminist activist, Sarah tries to wrestle control of the situation but quickly realizes she must accept the cruel and warped reality of the disease - and her heritage - in order to become the daughter she needs to be.



When her mother Midge was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at 55, Sarah Leavitt began writing and drawing what would become the graphic novel, Tangles, an unsparing documentation of her journey in stark black and white, full of grief, anger, tenderness and edgy dark humour. Tangles has been published in the US, Canada, UK, France and Germany, and Korea. The book has been nominated for numerous awards, and received glowing reviews in Vanity Fair, the LA Times, the Globe and Mail, the Guardian and Die Welt. Just as significantly, the overwhelming feedback from readers around the world is that Tangles has touched them deeply. Now, in the skilled hands of the animators at Giant Ant, the book is being adapted to a feature animation and promises to spring into gorgeous, powerful life, taking viewers on an emotional journey they won't soon forget.